Moving Forward

Hi all,

My name is Marc and I am a 47 year old man living with Asperger’s syndrome. So let me tell you a little something about Asperger’s. Those who live with Asperger’s have a very difficult journey ahead of themselves. Bullshit. Our struggle is much greater than that of the average person. Bullshit. For some reason God picked on us, God just hates us. Bullshit. My life would be better if I was neurotypical. Bullshit.

These are some of the old attitudes I used to have about my life. I am here to tell you that everybody had their own challenges in life. Some people deal with food addiction, divorced parents, physical abuse,sexual abuse, emotional abuse, gambling problems, I could go on ad infinitum. Your recovery and your growth starts with your attitude.

My life is not fucked. I have it no worse than anybody else. My future is in my hands. My blog will be about both my personal experiences and how Asperger’s has affected me and also about being a recovering alcoholic. I hope to inspire you and I hope to empower you.

6 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hi – I am just a bit younger than you (44), but we share a lot – I was only diagnosed as autistic at age 31, and I had some very difficult times in my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood before getting the diagnosis that at least gave me a chance of living on my own terms (I have had a few tough time post diagnosis as well, but the the pre and post diagnosis parts of my life are pretty much like chalk and cheese). Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  2. Your share is very encouraging for those who do not understand many neuro, biological or mental conditions as well as those who are the bearers. Have a wonderful day. Until next time.❤️


    1. Thank you. I am hoping those on the autism spectrum can relate and those who aren’t can better understand our struggles. But as I say, we all have struggles and mine are no greater than yours or anybody elses.


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